Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Update

     Our garden is progressing nicely since I first shared pictures with you.  We have been enjoying fresh strawberries  and cherry tomatoes a few at a time.  Sometimes I wish that we would get one great big harvest so we don't have to figure out how to split them four ways.  For a while we were having some trouble with our tomatoes getting blossom end rot.  I picked off those bad tomatoes and decided to add a layer of straw mulch to the entire garden.  That seemed to help and now we have some beautiful, healthy, but still green tomatoes growing.  I realize now that gardening requires a lot of patience.  I have a lot of patience with many things, including children, but being patient for my garden to grow is extremely difficult. Here's some pics from our garden today:

I couldn't quite get the angle right to include the entire garden.  
Our blueberry bush is just to the left of this view.


Raspberry Bush

We have a few raspberries on the canes from last year.

Bell Peppers


Strawberry patch, catnip, mints, and you can see the onions in this view as well.

Mini pumpkins and corn

Three kinds of potatoes planted with Alyssum


LOADS of grapes all over the grapevine

Beefsteak tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Our biggest Beefsteak yet

More Beefsteaks


  1. A friend of mine who grew up on a farm told me that blossom rot is generally caused by inconsistent watering. Like, letting the plants get to dry then drowning them with water to try to compensate (um... guilty as charged). Anyhow, ever since she told me that I've tried to be more consistent with the water and it seems like it's helped.

    I'm so jealous that you're actually harvesting tomatoes already! I got my seeds started late and the plants just went in this week... I fear they're only a few inches tall. Sigh.

  2. We've been really good about being consistent with our watering, however, we were having some major storms that were just flooding the back yard, and I think that they were being OVER watered at that time. There is no more blossom end rot problems, but now critters are getting to our produce before we can pick them. We lost our BIG tomato to a bunny... I think. Everything is getting so big. Looking at these pictures, I can see how much things have grown since almost a month ago.