Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diet update: Week 1

     I've just completed the first week of my diet and have lost about 2 lbs, which is a healthy weight loss rate. I really wish it was more, but I'm content. This week wasn't easy.  The first night of my diet I dreamed about eating a huge piece of chocolate cake and I felt so guilty for breaking my diet that I was mad at myself when I woke up.  I didn't really cheat, but that dream felt very real. I don't think it helped that I was already craving chocolate before I even started. 

    On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling awful. My back hurt and I had a migraine that wouldn't go away.  A few weeks earlier I had popped my left hip.  It's the same one I dislocated when I was a teenager, that has caused problems for me when I would exercise. Brandon had a chiropractic appointment that day and decided I should go along also. I can't believe how much my hips, back, and neck popped.  It sure felt good afterward though. No more pain, no more migraine, and I was able to get along for the rest of the day. I had a follow up with the chiropractor on Friday and it was a difference of night and day from Wednesday.  Only my hip and my neck popped a little bit. That's so much better than taking medications to mask the pain. 

     I behaved myself all week, but last night I was really wanting something sweet, so I found a recipe online for peanut butter and Splenda cookies. I don't really like Splenda and know it's not good for me, but we do have some in the house, so I figured a few cookies wouldn't hurt - they do not contain any flour and they're sugar free.  I'd post the recipe, but it was a total fail.  They just didn't come out right at all. As soon as we took them off the cookie sheet they fell into crumbs.  It's probably best that way anyway, although I was quite frustrated. LOL 

      I kept up pretty well on taking my vitamins everyday and drinking a lot more water than I'm used to, still not a full 8 glasses a day, though. I've also done the body test on the Wii Fit everyday, but didn't do the exercises because it kept telling me that my batteries were low.  Brandon brought home new batteries for the Wii Fit board and remotes yesterday, so I have no excuse today not to do the exercises. 

    Today, after I took Brandon to work, I stopped at Walmart and purchased the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, thanks to the recommendation from my cousin, Lizzie. It was only $9.98 at Walmart, and based on the reviews on Amazon, it is definitely a great deal! I'm going to add this to my daily exercise plan, and I'll post my own review about it on my blog. I also bought a calorie counting pedometer with goal tracking and bag of sugar free hard candies to curb my sweet cravings throughout the coming weeks. 

     Brandon's birthday is coming up, next Friday. So, I'm on the hunt for a healthy, all natural recipe for cake and frosting. I realize that I will most likely be cheating on my diet on his birthday, but I really want to make him something yummy. I figured I could make cupcakes, for individual servings, instead of a cake and freeze the extras, so I don't overindulge. My birthday is only a few weeks after Brandon's so we can have the left overs on my birthday. It's a win-win! =) 

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  1. I think when it comes to special occasions you should allow yourself to have something off your diet. It's all about self control and will power. I know you have it and you will do well.