Saturday, February 19, 2011

My purpose for this blog...

Over the years I have found myself in a rut.  I'm tired, out of energy, forgetful, sometimes sick, and I'm overweight.  I don't consider myself old, and I know I shouldn't be feeling this way. I know that this all happened over time, so I don't expect to change everything at once. This blog is about how I intend to make simple changes, one at a time, toward healthier living for myself, my family, and for those of you who want to follow along.  I will post about healthy alternatives to toxic products we use every day, recipes for healthy meals, and recipes for making your own household cleaners and body care products. If you like what you see, try any of my ideas, or want to share your own reviews or thoughts, feel free to leave a response to my postings.


  1. I love it! Following you through this adventure.

  2. I'll be following you through your journey. You are off to a great start. You should put this blog as a stand alone page on your side bar, so that anyone who comes across your blog can read about your decision to blog.