Thursday, April 14, 2011

Field Trip to OKC Zoo

     Yesterday we took the students to the Oklahoma City Zoo. On our way we stopped for lunch at a McDonald's. I cannot tell you how long it's been since I've eaten at McDonald's, but it has been a VERY long time. In fact, we rarely eat fast food anymore. I ordered the chipotle chicken snack wrap (grilled chicken), the fruit and walnut salad thingy and a medium root beer. The wrap was DISGUSTING, the fruit and yogurt tasted fine, but the ingredients list was CRAZY! I am not addicted to soda, so it's a rare treat for me, but I really wasn't that impressed. Lately, all I drink is water and tea.  I started feeling woozy by the time we got back in the van to continue on our way. I'm so thankful that by the time we got there I felt better.

     The Oklahoma City Zoo is HUGE! The exhibits are beautiful and there were lots of interesting animals to see. Our absolute favorite was feeding the lorikeets. The new elephant exhibit is AMAZING! The kids also enjoyed the petting zoo. The OKC Zoo puts the Tulsa Zoo to shame. We didn't pay for the tram or train, so I got in a lot of walking yesterday. I could really feel it in my upper thighs. I tried to quickly find an android app to count my steps like a pedometer, but the one I found was terrible. I guess I need to keep my pedometer in my purse so I can actually use it when we are out and about.

    When we returned home we went out to CherryBerry for some frozen yogurt.  I absolutely LOVE CherryBerry! It's our favorite family treat and surprisingly healthy, except that I put a lot of candy toppings on mine. I guess I figured I had already messed up my day with the McDonald's lunch, that I decided I deserved something tasty even if it meant working it off later.

     This morning when I weighed myself, I really expected to have gained some weight, but to my surprise, I actually lost 1.5 lbs. And I was able to wear a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in years. Yay!!! I'm thinking that I really need to find a walking buddy and start walking in the mornings. Of course the Zoo is much more fun for walking than just around the block. Too bad we don't live next to the OKC Zoo. I'd go every day!

Here's some of my favorite pics from our trip.... Enjoy!

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