Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little late... Diet update: Week 7

     I've been quite busy this past week, so this update is a little late.  I'm continuing my weight loss progression very slowly, but hey, at least it's moving in the right direction. I lost another pound since my last update. I actually forgot to take my measurements this past weekend.  I also intended to post a few new recipes, but we actually ended up eating fast food and freezer meals a few times last week. I chose a foot long tuna sandwich from Subway and saved half for the following day for lunch and a salad from Wendy's the next evening. I kind of feel bad, but at least I made the healthiest options. I really wish it wasn't so hard to find good, healthy food everywhere you go. I'm continually amazed at the junk that the FDA passes as food.

     We did a LOT of yard work again.  I planted flowers around the garden beds and Brandon laid patio bricks in the dog run.  I really think we should own stock in Lowe's, we have spent a pretty penny, but it's definitely worth it.  He's already dreaming up more projects to do and so am I. Working in the yard is about all the exercise I have gotten lately. I just can't seem to manage to fit it into my schedule. I think I need a walking/jogging buddy either in the mornings or evenings so that I have someone else to be accountable to.

     We have a lot of things planned this week and if I can figure out how to post blogs from my new android phone, I might actually update more often.


  1. I love Wendys salads. its about 3 meals worth in one, so it is worth it if you divide it up. My kids like Subway and its close to the house so we go there sometimes. I havent tried tuna there though. i will have to the next time we eat there, which i believe will be for davids birthday.

  2. Mmmm tuna I'm always thinking about making a tuna sandwich but then I feel bad because then I get lectured about the mercury content of tuna. My husband can be such a buzz I'll sometimes.

  3. You would be surprised at how much of a workout yardwork is. It can really get your appetite up and you probably built a little muscle in the process. I no longer eat out at all if I can help it. But if I did go to Wendy's I would have the chili.