Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

     I hope everyone has had a blessed Easter this year, I know I have. Our kids are 13 and 9, and they know there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny, so I didn't have to play that game this year. My Dad sent them some little baskets, candy, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and gift cards to Incredible Pizza, so we really didn't have to do much else for their baskets. Yesterday, I took the kids to Mardel to let them pick out a new Bible for each of them and had their names engraved on them. I also picked up a few books for myself at Mardel since they were all on sale for 25% off. I plan to blog about them after I read them. Then, last night, I volunteered in the nursery at church for two Easter services. I LOVE working with the babies. B.J. won a very nice Easter basket in the class he was in, and of course he shared with his sister. This morning we went to the last Easter service for the weekend at our church as a family.  Every year, service is AMAZING, I don't expect anything less from COTM. This year there were a total of 858 people who were baptized over the 5 Easter services and 238 elementary students gave their hearts to Jesus. It was truly a blessing to witness this.

     For dinner tonight, Brandon lit up the grill and we made hickory grilled, mojito-rubbed chicken, grilled pineapples and grilled squash, and for dessert... grilled banana boats! And I just had to try roasting a Peep... Dinner was AMAZING.  I think that it would have been very good with a coconut-rice.  It's definitely something we will make again. I plan to post the recipes tomorrow when I have more time.

     I didn't weigh-in or exercise today, I might not do it tomorrow either. I've eaten way too much easter candy/treats today and I'm afraid the scale will show it. I must work it off over the next few days. HA!

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