Saturday, April 2, 2011

Organic Gardening 2011

     Last year we started an organic garden.  We had success with a few of our crops and failed miserably with others. Over the past year we have learned much more about growing our own veggies, particularly companion planting.  Apparently certain veggies grow well together, while others don't. Also, certain flowers can be beneficial to specific veggies. We spent the last few days tweaking our garden beds from last year, giving us more growing space, as well as a nice area to walk and get around the beds without getting too muddy. I think Brandon really didn't want to have to mow between the beds anymore either. I love how it turned out.  We have our blueberry and raspberry bushes, grapevine, strawberries, and several herbs left from last year. So far we have planted two kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of bell peppers, two kinds of onions, and 3 kinds of potatoes. I still have plenty of space to grow some other veggies and in each of the cinder blocks around the beds, I plan to plant beneficial flowers and herbs to help with pest control. Brandon also left me a nice open area to do something with. I'm thinking a frog pond would be nice or a fountain/birdbath, and definitely a bench to sit and enjoy the garden. I'll post more pictures when we get things finished as well as products we use for organic pest control.  In the meantime... enjoy this picture!


  1. Nice layout, amiga!


  2. My hubby & I LOVE it! He said possibly you could cut the drain pipe higher, & install an elbow to drain into a water barrel to catch the rain run-off. Put a cover over it, & save to water your plants :)

  3. @Kim I've seen a barrel designed specifically for that. It even has a spout to connect a hose. If only I could remember where it was at. LOL