Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap -update

     A few weeks ago, Brandon brought home a large bottle of the Dr. Bronner's magic soap in peppermint.  He knows that I am not fond of the tea tree scent and decided to surprise me.  It smells so wonderful!! I've used it in the shower and to wash my hair. It feels so clean and fresh. I definitely found my permanent body wash.  I still need to find a suitable conditioner to use with it. It cleans my hair well, but it's not as silky smooth as my favorite "toxic" shampoo and conditioner.

     I've blogged about the different uses before, but mentioned that I was afraid to use the tea tree soap to brush my teeth. However, I thought I'd give the peppermint a try.  I only needed a tiny amount.  The peppermint tasted good and it foamed up well, but the consistency isn't what I'm used to. It's the consistency of a thin liquid soap. It didn't taste soapy, but it did leave a strange taste afterward. I think I might play around with a few different toothpaste recipes until I find something I like. But you might like the Dr. Bronner's all on it's own.

     I also used it diluted in my Hoover steam vac to clean the kitchen floor. It cleaned very well and made the house smell fresh.  I put a cap full in a cleaner bottle of water and gave it to the kids. They loved using it to clean in the kitchen and bathroom. It even did a great job on the mirrors. I think I found a way to get them to clean more often. When I used it to clean up a pet stain on the carpet, I was pleasantly surprised. It not only got up the stain but the smell, too.  This stuff is AWESOME!

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